Dan Hostel


This is the comic I did for class last year. This a project was very difficult for me, but I’m pretty happy with the result.

It is two pages showing how a friend and I got lost in Copenhagen and the awesome adventure that we had to find the “Dan Hostel”.


– Regina and Isabel were trying to return to the hostel…
– It won’t be difficult to find the hostel…
Sorry! How to go…Dan Hostel? – To the right –>
The direction to this hostel??? – To the left, 100m <–
Dan Hostel WHERE???
It is so easy!
– We never get the hostel…we will live in the Copenhague streets
– Now it is warm…but in winter… – Copenhague life will be hard…
– The bus man – He will know! for sure!
Sorry! Bus man WAIT!!! PLEASE!
Poor drunk tourists…Ok girls, wait here 5 minutes I’ll come here with my own car and I’ll take you to the hostel – What a nice man, the bus man
– If it happens something bad? – Don’t worry, I am sending an sms to the others, we have our backs covered – [We are Lost. S.O.S. A bus man is taking us to the hostel. If we disappear, search for us!!!] – Perfect- If he doesn’t arrive in 5 minutes, we continue searching the hostel by walk –


– Hey girls, c’mon!
– We are crazy!! – Oh my gosh – The rapist bus man! – Bad feeling!
– Maaaan!!! – Dan Hostel! We are safe! – Eh! Eh! we had the sms!
Here we are!
Thank You! Thank You! “Gracien” (This is in the Copenhague language), Thanks
– What a kind man! – Yes, but he will be forever…
– …the rapist bus man- Yeah girl! – Forever and ever
– We are making to much noise? – Nah…
– I am so tired! go to sleep!
– Tomorrow we return to the Christiana?
Of course! – Good night!
– But.. what is this? [We are Lost. S.O.S. A bus man is taking us to the hostel. If we disappear, search us!!!]
– ZZZ – ZZZ – Idiots…