Female Role Models


Female Role Models project with Brush & Bow in collaboration with Nomadways.


This project is about celebrating everyday female role models from around the world. It is a collaborative project and based on submitted stories of inspiring women.

Gender equality has a universally recognised benefit for people. However, our visual references (media, advertisements, movies, ) are still laces with gendered stereotypes. This project is based on the understanding that it is fundamental for woman to see visual representation of the diverse inspiring women, women fighting for change and equality, to learn from each other, listen and support one another in solidarity.

This is a grassroots sourced project, so we want to hear from you! We want to know who is your female role model. Please send us a paragraph  about her and a photo and our team of illustrators will create a portrait celebrating her as a role model.

Please send your role model to brushandbowinfo@gmail.com !


I Write Poetry, Gentlemen!

I write poetry, gentlemen, I write poetry,
but please don’t call me poetess;
I swig my wine like the bricklayers do
and I have an assistant who talks to herself.
This world’s a strange place;
things happen, gentlemen, that I don’t disclose;
they build cases, for example, yet never build homes
for the poor who can’t afford them.

And old maids are always having it out with their dogs,
married men with their mistresses,
yet no one says anything to the brutal tyrants.
And we read about the deaths and flip the pages,
and the people hate us and we say: that’s life,
and they step on our necks and we don’t get up.

All this happens, gentlemen, and I must say it.





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Hi there! I am Isabel, I am an illustrator and now I am living in London.

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